CMS Test Portal – Union Home

Union Home Mortgage Test Portal

Login & Information

Link to your Test Portal:

To login to the borrower’s account:

1. Username = They must enter the borrower’s actual username

2. Secret Question = UNKNOWN

3. Password = DEMODEMO1

Once in the portal, the loan number will match all of the loan amount, payment amount, recently set up payments; but the borrower specific information is scrambled, so the borrower they are speaking with is not who will be listed here.

Items to remember:

1. Anything the borrower has added or changed on the portal TODAY will not show in this environment, as all the data is from yesterday.

2. No Micro Payment information is available in the portal

3. Any activity your employees have done on that loan in the production account today will not reflect in the portal (like a stop payment, or a payment made after midnight)

4. There are a few periods of time when the test portal is taken offline:

a. Approx. ~ 10PM to 6AM ET (7 days a week)

b. When Union Home Mortgage has asked for the environment to not be refreshed for a period, normally when something large is being tested